Building 1 & 2 Roof & Carport Replacement

This notice is to inform you that the staging of the Roof and Carport Replacement will begin on the week of December 17th.  This will include the building of railings and scaffolding and the transporting of materials to the roofs.  The staging will begin at buildings one and two.  The actual construction will start after January 1st  to avoid conflicts during our busy holiday season.  The biggest inconvenience will be the parking.  Once the construction begins, all of the carport parking at the selected building will not be available for use until they are finished. You will need to be prepared to park elsewhere on the property for approximately 1-2 months.   Walk ways will be covered and still available to enter and exit the buildings, although parking will be a challenge.


Venture Construction has hired Campany Roofing as the sub contractor to do the work.  They will be installing a Modified Bitumen Roof (samples of it in my office if interested).  I will be working with both Venture and Campany to ensure the project goes as it should.  Venture construction will have an office trailer set up by mid December located at the front of the property, towards the clubhouse and building 4.  Also, we have allowed for approximately 4-5 parking spots that will be for the overflow of materials when needed.  This area will be where the car wash is, in front of the pool.  After spending time with Venture and seeking an alternative area, we have deemed it necessary to use that space because of the centrality and the space it provides for cranes to pick up materials.  We will provide another car wash area for the interim, while the one in phase three and phase one are obstructed.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me in the office or by email: .

Thank you,
Todd Harper
Association Manager