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This notice is to inform you that the staging of the Roof and Carport Replacement will begin on the week of December 17th.  This will include the building of railings and scaffolding and the transporting of materials to the roofs.  The staging will begin at buildings one and two.  The […]

Building 1 & 2 Roof & Carport Replacement

Our TV programming vendors are making changes. Check here often for the latest information.  Circlebay TV System Change Log Date Change Channel(s) 10/29/2018 Drop ESPN Classic 64 10/29/2018 Move ESPNU from 65 to 64 10/29/2018 Move Lifetime Movie From 67.1 to 65.1 10/29/2018 Move IFC From 67.2 to 65.2 10/29/2018 […]

CBYC TV Channel Changes

CONNECTING to the IMPROVED CBYC INTERNET SYSTEM The new Internet System is now available in ALL buildings. Cable modems will not operate after October 15!! Instructions if you have a computer directly plugged into the Motorola Cable modem: Unplug Ethernet cable from back of modem. Plug Ethernet cable into newly […]

Connecting to New CBYC Internet System Instructions