Marina Rules

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MARINAS (Sec. 44)

If space is available, the Dockmaster will assign resident owners or resident lessees a dock space for one boat for personal use only. Commercial vessels and vessels for charter are prohibited. The boat may not exceed 36′ 0″ in length and 14′ 0″ in width. The size of the boat shall be determined by the Manufacturer’s Statements of Origin, survey, title or prior registration. Usual appendages to the boat shall not be included when determining its length. (Pulpits, swim platforms, etc.) If space is not available, the owner’s name or Lessees’ name will be placed on a waiting list. This list will be made public. Dock space will be assigned by the Dockmaster on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. The size of the boat may alter this orderly assignment. If a boat is not used, (taken from the dock and driven), within an 8-month period, it may be subject to removal. If there is a waiting list for dock space, the Dockmaster shall cause an owner or lessee with 2 boats to remove 1. Since the size and location of the boat to be removed are significant, the Dockmaster will make this judgment. No boat, other than the one assigned, may use a slip without first receiving approval from the Dockmaster. A boat owner shall give the Dockmaster notice if an assigned dock will be vacant for more than 1 month. Personal watercraft, jet skis, skidoos, etc. are prohibited.


Dockage is only available to residents of Circle Bay for their private vessels. There are no transient facilities or other short term arrangements made.

The dockage agreement shall be for one calendar year for resident owner/lessees. Fractional yearly agreements will be made for boat owners seeking space after January 1st. Agreements are not transferable. The dock space shall be used for the boat assigned, unless approved by the Dockmaster. The agreement is subject to the following:

1.The Dockmaster shall be furnished with proof of ownership, including valid state registration, Federal documentation, or a signed purchase contract, before he/she may execute an agreement.

2.The Dockmaster shall be furnished with proof of insurance. The minimum amount of Liability Insurance acceptable is $100,000. It is recommended but not mandatory to add CBYC as an Additional Interested Party.

3.Boat owners shall furnish a Hurricane Plan for the boat to the Dockmaster which shall be subject to his/her approval.


4.If the boat owner does not dock the boat within 60 days of the date of the Agreement, the Dockmaster may terminate the Agreement.

5.If the boat is sold or disposed of, the Agreement is terminated and the space is forfeited. The Dockmaster may hold the space open, if informed that another boat is provided of the same or smaller size will be acquired within 90 days. If proof of purchase by CBYC owner is submitted to the Dockmaster within the 90 Days, and the payments for dock space remains current, the Dockmaster at his discretion may continue to hold the space open providing there is not a wait list for a slip of those dimensions. The size will determine if the new boat retains the current slip, is reassigned to a different slip or goes on the waitlist.

6.The Agreement will terminate with the sale or lease of the boat owner’s unit or expiration and non- renewal of lease. Exception see Section 36.

7.The fee for dock use shall be paid quarterly. A refund (full months only) may be made on apro-rata basis if an Agreement is terminated.

8.The Board will determine the per-foot dock fee annually, with a minimum billing length of 14’. A fraction over a whole amount will be charged to the next larger foot.

9.The Dockmaster has the authority to relocate boats.

10.If a boat owner makes it necessary for the Board to seek a legal remedy in order to enforce any Agreement rule, all costs incurred shall be borne by the boat owner(s).

BOATS (Sec.46)

1.Boats shall be tied down securely and in a seaman-like manner. The boat owner is responsible for the protection of the boat and the dock.

2.When threatened by a storm or hurricane, the boat owner shall follow the approved plan and take all necessary precautions to protect the boat and the dock as directed by the Dockmaster.

3.Refueling at the dock is prohibited.

4.Start-up and warm-up noise is to be kept at a minimum. Engines may not be run at the dock after 10:00 PM and before 6:00 AM.

5.Major repairs may not be made at the dock where external machinery may be required.

6.Living or overnighting aboard boats at the dock is prohibited.

7.After 10:00 PM parties aboard boats are prohibited.

8.Oil and fuel leaks shall be attended to as an incipient emergency. All costs of fines for clean up are the boat owner’s responsibility.

9.Throwing rubbish from a boat is prohibited. Discharging from a head is prohibited.

10.Nothing may be permanently placed or stored on the dock without the approval of the Dockmaster.

11.Except for emergencies or for 24 hour charging of batteries, electrical cords may not be connected to the dock power supply, or left on the dock or walkways. If connected longer than

24hours, the Dockmaster shall be immediately notified.

12.Docks may not be changed or altered

13.Multiple mooring is prohibited unless approved by the Dockmaster.

14.Boats entering or leaving the marina shall do so at idle speed.

15.Boat owners shall maintain their boat in a safe, seaworthy, and shipshape condition. If in the opinion of the Dockmaster, a boat becomes an “eyesore”, the Agreement may be terminated and the boat removed. If such a situation evolves, the boat owner(s) will bear the cost of removal.

16.Passing the annual Coast Guard safety inspection (free) by the Coast Guard Auxiliary or Power Squadron is strongly encouraged.

17.Upon leaving the dock, boat owners shall not leave lines in the path of pedestrians.

18.The Board, Dockmaster and persons appointed by the Board and/or Dockmaster shall have access to boats in emergencies or as needed to relocate boats.

19.The safety ladders in the marina are for emergency use only. They are not to be used to access vessels or as a mooring point.